Ayşe Türemiş was born in 1974. In 1998 she graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Stage and Costume Design branch. In addition to stage design, setting and costume applications, she also worked for sectors like cinema, TV and advertising. Being a member of OISTAT, the artist has been actualizing projects that documents historical places since 2003 by watercolour technique.

2017                    Exhibition; “Old School”, ArkeoPera Art Gallery, İstanbul 

2015                    Exhibition; “Zamanın Kıyısında”, Macaron Hotel, Ayvalık
2014                    Illustration and design; Tosbaa/ Simurg Turizm Yatırım A.Ş., İstanbul            
2013                    Book; “Burhaniye Yolcusu Kalmasın”, Burhaniye Municipality, Balıkesir       
2012                    Exhibition; “İstanbul Sanatçıları”, Yağcı Culture Center, Burhaniye-Balıkesir
                            Watercolour Collection; ”Flâneur”
2011                    Exhibition; “Aralık/December”, Portakalçiçeği Residence Art Gallery, Ankara
                            Watercolour Collection; “Santralistanbul”

2010                    Workshop; “Übergaenge”, Borusan Art Center, İstanbul 
                            Watercolour Collection; "Tour-İst"
                            Exhibition; “Love at Last Sight: Galata & Pera” ArkeoPera Art Gallery, İstanbul 
2007-2009           Watercolour Collection; ”Velvet Pera”
2007                    Exhibition;  “19th Century Theatres in İstanbul”, Prague Quadrennial
2006                    Lecture;  “19th Century Theatres in Istanbul”, OISTAT Meetings, Tel Aviv University
2003-2006          Watercolour Collection; “Galata Focus”

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